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Home Learning or Remote Education is going to look different for every single family and pupil. We recognise this and you have our full support. Our job in this time, is to make sure your children maintain their learning and are stimulated and inspired by activities and new explorations. Our aim is to make this learning enjoyable, active and balanced across the curriculum. We know that our children need to have not develop any gaps or 'lose' some of their learning but we also want our children to feel calm, happy and in control of their learning. We will provide 3-5 hours of learning but there are more opportunities through our website and we will be able to direct you specifically through our teacher-to-family individualised support.


What did we learn from last time?

Parents did give the school very positive feedback through the parent survey after the first lockdown. Throughout last year, we felt almost all our children were highly engaged and we continued to communicate regularly and effectively with our families. Parents found having the learning on our website easy to navigate and access; they felt that our expectations and clarity helped support their children at home; they welcomed the resources both physical and online; they felt feedback from their teacher was crucial and appropriate enabling their children to remain motivated; they enjoyed the variety of learning and school interactions e.g. Collective Worship, calls and Group meetings online; they valued the nurture, care and pastoral role the school played in the tough time. 

This time we are supporting with many more videos to support parents understanding strategies and helping our children feel more connected to their adults in school. This enables us to keep some pace with the learning and to give direct teaching where this might be hard at home. We have maintained using the website as our platform to ensure ease of use for parents, flexibility to working parents as well as maintain a balance of screen/book/active time for pupils.

We have ensured that all homes have access to the internet and devices to support their learning. We have also ensured that every child has the books (reading and exercise books), stationery and resources e.g. number line, bead string, glue etc to complete their learning.

You will have some 'ups and downs'. We all will and that is be expected. Please do not feel guilty if you can not sit with your children to do the work all the time. They do not have this at school either so they do not need it at home. I hope this little list of things we (parents and teachers) can and can't do will be helpful and reassuring:


We can:

  • As teachers, set work daily that responds to children and parents feedback; that builds on previous knowledge and that is in the medium and long term plans for the year group
  • As teachers, give personalised feedback via telephone calls and email during the school day
  • As teachers and LSA's, support our children with additional needs through personalised weekly plans linked to their SEN targets or their EHCP (calls and emails daily are also available)
  • As teachers and LSA's we can support our keyworker children who are in school to complete their home learning and ensure all in school are safe
  • As teachers we can arrange a Zoom meeting with a year group or class
  • As teachers and LSA's we can make pre-recorded videos and post them on our website
  • As parents you can access the daily plans with your child
  • As parents you can encourage, explain and support your child completing the work
  • As a parent you can choose when they need to do more or when they need to do less
  • As a parent you can contact you classteacher at anytime via email and the school office by phone
  • As parents you can contact the headteacher at anytime via the school office
  • Offer the same provision in school as is being offered at home
  • Offer the same provision to children who are self-isolating


We cannot:

  • As parents expect our children to learn exactly as they do at school- this is a unique situation for us all
  • As parents expect ourselves to be able to teach all the subjects and topics being set as home learning- be gentle with yourselves and each other
  • As teachers and LSA's be on Zoom meetings one to one with a child. We can not anticipate a child's reaction; nor do we know the context of their day or the expectation of the call. We are not there to support the child physically and therefore can not help if there is an adverse reaction. There are also many safeguarding concerns as well as the intrusion pupils, parents and staff may feel. Zoom meetings can be recorded, there is a concern about who else is in the home and who can overhear conversations. There is a real fluidity to Zoom meetings and there are too many unknowns and risks for staff.
  • Be expected to know what will happen next......we promise to keep you as informed as possible.


Moving forward, through our one to one calls and email please do raise any questions or concerns with us directly. We will always consider feedback and think about how we can improve what we are doing. We will once again use surveys and Information Evenings online to assess this in a bigger way.

Please see our COVID communications for more parent guidance and support links but also please just email your teacher or Mrs Newbury in the office if anything crops up. 


Thank you for all your support and kindness. 

Mrs Ayres     






Covid-19 Catch up Funding Plan 2020-2021

East Hampshire School Nursing Team Advice for Children who are unwell or injured.

Where to find the latest updates

Department for Education Coronavirus helpline

This is to help answer questions about COVID-19 related to education.  Staff, parents and young people can contact the helpline.

Phone: 0800 046 8687


Opening hours: 8am to 6pm (Monday to Friday)

Resources to explain Coronavirus to children:

My Coronavirus Test - A Social Story for children

Talking to children about COVID-19 guidance and support including links and books


My children feel so safe and happy here. They are keen to go to school every day

Parent - July 2018


The school teaches really important life skills through the resilience work- understanding failure is a learning opportunity, not a catastrophe

Parent - July 2018


Communication is excellent- I always know the door is open

Parent - July 2018


The staff show an exceptional level of commitment to the school

Parent - July 2018


You are passionate about children being at the heart of everything you do

Parent - July 2018


94% of our pupils said that 'Teaching is good all the time'

Pupil Survey - July 2018

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