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In Ash Class we are enthusiastic learners that are always encouraged to try our personal best, be resilient and show independence with our learning. We often work as a team or in Year 2/3 buddies to help build our value of belonging.


Happy New Year and welcome to 2019!! Our topic for Spring 1 is 'Ages Ago...How did it all begin?' We will be learning all about life in the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages. We cannot wait for our two days with historian, Paul Ullson, and our learning outcome will be our Iron Age battle. After the battle, we will create a blog to share the experience with everyone. 

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Ash Class Stone-Iron Age Blog!


This half term we have been learning all about The Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages. Here are some of the things we have found out.


The Stone Age

We have learnt how they cooked in the Stone Age.

Firstly, hunt for some delicious animals.

When you have found some delicious meat, skin it.

After that you cook the meat on the fire.

Next you put the meat onto the clay plate.

Then you eat it.



We also learnt how to make Stone Age weapons.

 Firstly get a stick and a stone.

Secondly, put a stick and a stone together with some grass.

Then you will have your own spear.


In the Stone Age people lived in teepees which were made of sticks and animal fur and sometimes in caves.

When Paul Ullson, a historian, came to visit us he taught us about what life was like in the Stone Age. Here is a photo of a Stone Age man throwing a stone at a lion so he could eat it.

Some of us made Stone Age necklaces out of clay.


The Bronze Age

In the Bronze Age we learnt that people would have lived in roundhouses. They had lots of different buildings used for different things. The Bronze Age started the first copper mine. For food they ate animals, berries and leaves. Spears were made from sticks, leaves and stone. The main material was bronze which is an alloy - a mixture of copper and tin. A lot more metal objects were made such as swords. Their clothes were made of animal fur. For cups they used beakers to drink from. They used hand axes as an axe. They travelled by water in kayaks. This age is in between the Stone and Iron Age. They hunted using spears in the water and on land. We also learnt that they were omnivores. Some people learnt that the Bronze Age people worn dull clothes.

Some of us made Bronze Age beakers out of clay.


The Iron Age


Ash Class have learnt that in the Iron Age people used iron. In the Iron Age they made chariots. The Iron Age was the shortest age because the Romans invaded. In the Iron Age people made stronger tools than the Bronze Age and the Stone Age. People in the Iron Age built large roundhouses and people mined for iron. We found out that the first hill forts were made 800-700 BC. In the Iron Age people ate beaver, wild boar, fox, fish, honey, onions and deer.



We designed and made Iron Age shields.



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My children feel so safe and happy here. They are keen to go to school every day

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The school teaches really important life skills through the resilience work- understanding failure is a learning opportunity, not a catastrophe

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The staff show an exceptional level of commitment to the school

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You are passionate about children being at the heart of everything you do

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94% of our pupils said that 'Teaching is good all the time'

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