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With effect from 1st March 2016 the hiring of the Bentworth Jubilee Hall will be managed by a small group of volunteers.  They will respond to enquiries made to the school telephone number or left at the school office (messages left in school term time only).

The school office will pass on enquiries (school term time only) but does not deal directly with hall hire and is unable to respond to queries.


You can also send an enquiry by e-mail to the address below.


Initial enquiries about hiring the Jubilee Hall will be answered by the volunteer Team within 7 days.  Once a hire is confirmed you will receive contact details for your hire arrangements.


►01420 562117        (leave a message - school term time only - and it will be forwarded to the Hire Team)




The new hall hire management team is a small group of volunteers who aim to support the ongoing availability of the Jubilee Hall for external hire.   They will administer the booking service and oversee arrangements before, during and after the hire event.


Jubilee Hall Hire Calendar
If you click on the link below it will bring up the Hall Hire bookings calendar to see when the Hall may be available.  'Busy' means that the Hall is unavailable for bookings.  When applying to book the Hall, please note that the date/time will be confirmed by the Hall Hire team after checking availability of both the Hall and a team member to oversee the booking.


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