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St Mary's Bentworth

Church of England Primary School

Love, Respect, Belong

Ash Home Learning

Spellings (week beg 1st November 2021)


Spelling Rule- silent letters: kn, gn, wr at the beginning of words


Year 2 Words-knock, know, knee, gnat, gnaw, write, written, wrote, wrong, wrap


Year 3 Words-knockout, knowing, gnarled, knitting, gnawing, gnocchi, wrestle, shipwreck, wrapping

Spellings (week beg 18th October)


Consolidation Week-This is a great opportunity to practise those common exception words. :)

Money Knowledge Organisers

Spellings (week beg 11th October)


Spelling Rule- 's' sound spelt c before e, i and y.


Year 2 Words-race, ice, cell, city, fancy, lace, pace and space. 


Year 3 Words-nicest, spacecraft, circle, cinema, circus, mercy and cellmate.

Spellings (week beg 4th October)


Spelling Rule- 'j' sound spelt 'j' and 'g'


Year 2 Words-gem, giant, magic, giraffe, energy, jacket, jog, jar, join.


Year 3 Words-Germany, imagination, allergy, energy, ginger, January, jumper, jobless, joystick and junction. 

Phonics Screening Words

Spellings (week beg 27th September)


Spelling Rule- 'dge' spelt ge, 'dge' before e, i and y


Year 2 Words-age, huge, change, charge, bulge, village, badge, edge, bridge, dodge and fudge.


Year 3 Words-sledge, budge, lodge, smudge, ledge, range, indulge, engagement and gouge. 

Knowledge Organiser (Addition and Subtraction)

Spellings (week beg 20th September)


Spelling Rule- ear, air, ure and igh


Year 2 Words-hear, fear, chair, fair, sure, pure, high, night


Year 3 Words-beard, fearful, pair, hairbrush, secure, cure, nightlight, brightness

Spellings (week beg 13th September)


Spelling RuleSplit digraphs: a-e, e-e, i-e, o-e, u-e


Year 2 Words-came, made, these, even, cube, like, time, home, alone, June, cube


Year 3 Words-escape, amaze, complete, extreme, inside, invite, explode, envelope, prune, computer



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My children feel so safe and happy here. They are keen to go to school every day

Parent - July 2018


The school teaches really important life skills through the resilience work- understanding failure is a learning opportunity, not a catastrophe

Parent - July 2018


Communication is excellent- I always know the door is open

Parent - July 2018


The staff show an exceptional level of commitment to the school

Parent - July 2018


You are passionate about children being at the heart of everything you do

Parent - July 2018


94% of our pupils said that 'Teaching is good all the time'

Pupil Survey - July 2018

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