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Welcome to the Elder Class webpage!

Team Elder!

Elder Class are the Year Sixes at St. Mary's Bentworth, a time for great responsibilities and heaps of learning.

In terms of our learning this year we will be consolidating learning from previous years, making sure that we are secure in concepts ready for Secondary School, and also challenging and extending our learning in all areas.


The Summer term means many things for Year's the last term of Primary School, there is the residential to look forward to, an end of term production and the leavers services.


In English this  term, we will be investigating multimodal work using the book 'The Arrival', by Shaun Tan, to produce high quality written work. We have already begun looking at this book, and have discovered that there are no words - only illustrations! We will be delving more deeply into the characters of the book and writing our own short story about one of them. We will also use short narrative videos from 'The Literacy Shed', to aid our writing. After the half term we will be delving into the works of the great playwright William Shakespeare! In the year of the 400th anniversary of his death, it seems an appropriate time to immerse ourselves in his work!  


In Maths, we will be focusing on revising all those different elements of mathematics ready for the SAT's in May. After the SAT's are all done and dusted, we will be ensuring that our Primary School knowledge in the blocks of maths (place value, four operations, fractions, geometry, ratio and proportion, algebra, measurement and statistics) are securely ready for Secondary School, and completing transition work and extended mathematical investigations. 


Our Topic work will be looking at the Maya Civilization. We will discover the exact locality of this civilization, how they survived, their means of communicating, their buildings (and the ruins that are still there now), the Spanish invasion and much more.


It's the final term, the clock is ticking away the hours, but what a term it will be!

Go Team Elder!

Homework - Friday 1st July (hard copies will be given on Monday 4th July)

Our Amazing Ancient Greek Day!

Creating our city state banner!
Learning more about our city state!
A bunch of Greeks!
The Olympics! The Long Jump
The Olympics! The Long Jump
The Olympics! Wrestling
The Olympics! Wrestling
The Olympics! The Long Jump
The Olympics! 50m dash
The Olympics! Wrestling
The Olympics! The Long Jump
The Olympics! The Long Jump
The Olympics! Discus
Crowning the winners
Crowning the winners
Crowning the winners
A Greek feast to finish!

Brilliant Book Day Dressing Up!

A grumpy Mr. Grumpy!
Magical Hermione Granger
Mildred Hubble - The Worst Witch
Tris Prior from the Divergent series
A protective card for the Queen
Katniss Everdeen - The Hunger Games trilogy
Coco Caramel one of the Chocolate Box girls
The Queen of Hearts - paint the roses red!
Cruella DeVille and one of the dalmations
The evil Queen from Snow White
The poacher from Danny Champion of the World
The name's Bond, James Bond!
Tom Gates ready for action!
Darth Vader - look out!
The fantastic characters in Elder Class!
For our art work in the first part of the Spring Term, we looked at photography. We learnt about the history of photography and then took our own photos of around the school. We really considered the angle to take the photos at, to make them as interesting as possible. After this, we used a photo editing programme on the computer to make our pictures even more interesting - what do you think?

Fabulous Photography

Kyree Original 1
Kyree Edited 1
Kyree Original 2
Kyree Edited 2
Morris Original
Morris Edited
Oliver Original
Oliver Edited
Toby Original
Toby Edited
Alice Original
Alice Edited
Hatty Original
Hatty Edited
Kazzy Original
Kazzy Edited
Kristina Original
Kristina Edited
Lillie Original
Lillie Edited
Matthew Original
Matthew Edited
Megan Original
Megan Edited
Megan Y Original
Megan Y Edited
Monty Original
Monty Edited
Tom Original
Tom Edited

Scientific Work

The Amazing Apprentice Challenge!

 We meet the panel
Awaiting instructions
Team huddle!
Planning time!
Planning time!
Planning time!
Planning time!
A mystery letter!
A mystery letter!
What does it say?
What does it say?
Creating our products!
Creating our products!
Creating our products!
Creating our products!
Creating our products!
Making sure we are not over spending!
Creating our products!
Finished products
The first one!
Team Sparkling Sparklers
Team 366 Days of Fun
Off we go to set up for the fair!
Products on display!
Products on display!
Being watched closely by our team govenor!
Being watched closely by our team govenor!
Selling hard
The final report back!
Sharing our thoughts...who will win?
Sharing our thoughts...who will win?

Christmas Cooking Fun!

White Card Models inspired by Harry Potter

Elder's Magical Trip to the Harry Potter Studios

Below 2014 - 15.... Below 2014 - 15....Below 2014 - 15....

Below 2014 - 15....2014 - 15....

Elder Class Learning News- Please have a read to find out about all the exciting things Elder will be learning this term!

WOW! What an amazing day at the year 6 leavers service. A massive well done to Elder who performed their dance brilliantly! You worked so hard and made all the adults who watched you extremely proud. Well done Elder you STARS!

Salmon jump into the pool at the end of kayaking!

Still image for this video

CALSHOT! We had a wonderful week in Calshot. The weather was glorious and the children were excellent! Their determination and excellent teamwork was commented on by several of Calshot staff. They certainly did St Mary's proud!

Eat Grow Week- Some of Elder and Lime spent a week learning about growing their own food, including cooking and gardening!

The Hawk Conservancy Andover- we had a great day out learning about birds of prey and seeing them in displays performing as they would in the wild! We even got to hold one!

Chance to Shine Cricket Festival! Every single member of Elder gave it their all at the cricket festival, I was SO PROUD of all of them! They worked BRILLANTLY as a team and showed excellent sportsmanship, determination and perseverance! You were a credit to St Mary's Elder, well done!

Our super science day at Amery Hill. We had the oppotunity to use microscopes that magnified up to 400x!

Elder are working hard with Mrs Freer practising for their dance performance at the leavers cathedral service in Winchester!

More art! Making Hawaiian art for the leavers party!

Art - Creating Buddhist Mandalas

The Dragon's Lair! Miss Quirk set up the music room as a dragon's lair to help generate ideas and description for our writing.

Yoga practice in the sunshine!

Reports of Dragon sightings! Elder were learning to develop their vocabulary by becoming exaggerating, embellishing reporters!

Welcome back for the summer term! We have all come back from Easter refreshed and ready to hit the ground running! This term will be Elder's last term at St Mary's and will present many exciting challenges, including SAT's, Calshot and transition to secondary which I know all of Elder will rise to and take on with determination and positivity! Elder have come so far since September and it has been a privilege to watch them develop and learn new skills. I am very much looking forward to spending the next term learning with such an enthusiastic group of children! Miss Quirk.

Investigating adaptation of bird beaks in science. We carried out an experiment using different utensils to represent different bird beaks. We were testing to find out which beaks worked best with which food source.

Creating our own paintings using stencils, watercolour and wax crayon inspired by Islamic art.

Making Roman curse tablets out of clay

Drama in English for Harry Potter recount.

Going shopping in france! Practising french directions and shopping lists.

Making pizza!


Building Challenge

Chocolate fractions

The Apprentice Challenge

A great first two weeks back Elder!


A MASSIVE well done for children in need day! You all worked your spotty socks off to make sure everyone has a fantastic day and we raised lots of money for this wonderful cause!


Over the last two weeks, we have all be focusing really hard on our handwriting, and everyone has started collecting stickers towards climbing higher on the handwriting mountain! Well done everyone for your hard work and perseverance!


In English we have been writing adventure stories whilst working on our vocabulary and sentence openers. These are still work in progress but we will be sharing them in a sharing assembly very soon!


Please have a look at some of our pictures from our learning so far!

Having a great time raising money for children in need!

In PE with Mr Maliphant Elder have been learning coaching techniques to work with younger children and develop their skills. They worked in groups to design and set up 4 different games. Ash class then joined us for the session to try out the activities with Elder as coaches. There was lots of learning and fun to be had!

In science we have been investigating with light. We investigated objects to fins out if they were opaque, transparent or translucent.

In topic we have been looking at climate change. We investigated how much rubbish we create in a day in our packed lunches and then how much rubbish we would create over a whole year. We worked out that in a year our class would create 12,012 pieces of rubbish from lunches alone! We then discussed what we could do to reduce the amount of rubbish.

Elder have had a fantastic first half term back at St Mary's! We have all been working extremely hard and had a really positive attitude to learning. Well done Elder, keep it up!


Here are some pictures of some of our highlights!


Miss Quirk

Investigating the difference between weather and climate

In English we have been learning about newspapers. We used drama to help us see a story from a different perspective

A reported interviewing an eyewitness
A phone conversation reporting what happened
Interviewing a suspect

In science we have been learning about circuits

Maddy and Emily investigate with a reed switch
Finley and Henry test circuits from diagrams
Charlie checks a circuit diagram

My children feel so safe and happy here. They are keen to go to school every day

Parent - July 2018


The school teaches really important life skills through the resilience work- understanding failure is a learning opportunity, not a catastrophe

Parent - July 2018


Communication is excellent- I always know the door is open

Parent - July 2018


The staff show an exceptional level of commitment to the school

Parent - July 2018


You are passionate about children being at the heart of everything you do

Parent - July 2018


94% of our pupils said that 'Teaching is good all the time'

Pupil Survey - July 2018

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