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Recommended Books


Places to Visit

Adventures on Trains Series by M.G. Leonard and Sam Sedgman (also Reading Passport books)


Epic Adventures: Explore the World in 12 Amazing Train Journeys by Sam Sedgman


National Railway Museum Kids’ Handbook by William Potter


Great British Railways: 50 Things to See and Do by Vicki Pipe and Geoff Marshall


See Reading Passport list below for more recommendations that are not linked to our topic! 


Ways to practise your spellings



Times Tables Rockstars

Guardians of Mathematica

Hit the Buttons – times tables and number facts

Practise telling the time



An interesting video about the positives and negatives of the railways being built.

How have our railways developed and changed?

The Watercress Line


Our very own heritage railway in Hampshire. This used to be part of a much longer line stretching to Winchester. You can visit the stations at Alresford, Ropley and Alton.


STEAM: The Museum of the Great Western Railway


This is a little further afield in Swindon and offers a look at the history of the Great Western Railway. Even if you can’t go, the website has lots of information, including ‘object of the month’ articles.


Spelling Homework – Week Beginning 26th February


Spelling Rule: words ending in -able and -ably (related to –ation) and where the root words ends in e or ce/ge


Why do we have this rule? –able and –ably are used if there is a related word ending in –ation, and usually (but not always) used if a complete root word can be heard before it. When the root word ends in e, drop the e and add the suffix. When the root word ends in ce/ge, the e must be kept


For most words, the suffix -able or -ably can be added e.g. reliable, reliably


Year 4 word list:

dependable, enjoyable, reliable, perishable, breakable, fashionable, 

adorable, operable, valuable, loveable 

Exception: likeable


Year 5 word list:

comfortable, understandable, reliably, perishable, breakable

applicable, considerably, adorable, valuable, loveable

Exception: likeable


REMEMBER – part 1 of your spelling homework is to be using the focus words to practise the rule for the week. Part 2 is working on your word list words.

Spelling Homework – Week Beginning 19th February


Spelling Rule: The /i/ sound spelt y other than at the end of words


Why do we have this rule? We need to learn when a y is used to spell the /i/ sound within words.


Year 4 word list:

mystic, dynasty, synagogue, synonym, gymnastics, myth, pyramid, Egypt, oxygen, crystal,


Year 5 word list:

symbol, rhythm, sympathetic, typical, mysterious, gymnasium, mythological, symbolic, hyphen, hygiene


REMEMBER – part 1 of your spelling homework is to be using the focus words to practise the rule for the week. Part 2 is working on your word list words.

How to remember how many days in each month

Below are links to various websites to support learning at home:


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