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Potato Harvest

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Ash Class NHS Thank You Letters

A huge thanks from all at Alton Community Hospital

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Here are some useful links and information about a range of online resources that you may be asked to use by teachers as part of the home learning, or you might choose to use to extend in self-directed learning.

Reading Books

This is a great website to access online reading books that are colour-banded like the ones we use in school.

To access the free materials you will need to use the following username and password;

Username -

Password - Parents20!


In light of proposed school closures, Twinkl is offering free premium accounts for schools and parents. When registering for the account use the discount code CVDTWINKLHELPS which will entitle you to a free months access to the resources on the site. Twinkl has a range of ready-made and downloadable resources. They have also put together School Closure packs for each year group which could be downloaded and printed as required.

Go Noodle

GoNoodle is a series of web-based videos, games and activities focused on introducing short bursts of physical exercise. This includes guided dance, fitness workouts, yoga and mindfulness videos.

This is a free resource to use, and if choosing to sign up, children can collect points as they complete tasks to evolve their own GoNoodle champions.

The School Run

The School Run is a website which has great English, Maths and Science advice for parents. It has great videos which explain strategies and concepts that teachers may ask children to work on as part of their home learning. You can also sign up for worksheets and activities for each year group.


An online art resource developed by google, autodraw uses AI to guess what is being drawn and give options to replace with pre-loaded designs that can be adapted by children. This can be used to create digital illustrations.


Topmarks is a collection of online learning games. We often use a range of these games to consolidate learning in class, especially in Maths. Games can be filtered by age or theme for pupils to extend or consolidate learning that has been set by teachers. Hit the Button is also part of this website.

Phonics Play

Phonics Play includes a range of games that pupils have played in class to enhance or practice their phonic awareness. To access the full site a teacher login is required, but many aspects are open for parents to use for free. Year 2 could consolidate Phases 5 and 6.


Phonics Play have given a free code to access all resources: 

Username march20

Password home

Times Tables Rock Stars

The children already have their logins to this website as it is used as part of our weekly homework. This allows children to test their times tables speed and accuracy across a range of different levels as they work to become a times tables rock star!

Year 2 SATs Meeting

Here are our plans for this half term!

Have a look at what we are up to this half term!

Welcome to Ash Class!


In Ash Class we are enthusiastic learners that are always encouraged to try our personal best, be resilient and show independence with our learning. We often work as a team to help build our value of belonging.


For our topic this half term the children have chosen to learn about Madagascar. Our topic question is 'Madagascar, what's it like? Within this learning, we will be exploring the difference between Bentworth and Antananarivo. We will investigate human and physical features of Madagascar and will write persuasive letters all about why Madagascar is THE place to go!

We had a great time learning about the Stone Age at Butser Ancient Farm!

We had so much fun on superhero day!

Superhero movies.

Still image for this video
Ash class worked in teams to create superhero movies. They used story mountains to help construct the narrative.

Ash Acceptable Use Agreement






In Ash Class we are enthusiastic learners that are always encouraged to try our personal best, be resilient and show independence with our learning. We often work as a team or in Year 2/3 buddies to help build our value of belonging.


'What might cars be like in the future?' is our topic this half term where we will be learning all about cars. We are going to invent our own cars, write about them and make our own cars in DT. Have a look at the Learning News below to see the kinds of things we are doing over the half term!

Position and Direction!

Mrs Fordyce's Dancing Tesla!

Rabbi Zvi Visit

We painted ourselves as pirates...can you guess who is who??

Ash Class Stone-Iron Age Blog!


This half term we have been learning all about The Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages. Here are some of the things we have found out.


The Stone Age

We have learnt how they cooked in the Stone Age.

Firstly, hunt for some delicious animals.

When you have found some delicious meat, skin it.

After that you cook the meat on the fire.

Next you put the meat onto the clay plate.

Then you eat it.



We also learnt how to make Stone Age weapons.

 Firstly get a stick and a stone.

Secondly, put a stick and a stone together with some grass.

Then you will have your own spear.


In the Stone Age people lived in teepees which were made of sticks and animal fur and sometimes in caves.

When Paul Ullson, a historian, came to visit us he taught us about what life was like in the Stone Age. Here is a photo of a Stone Age man throwing a stone at a lion so he could eat it.

Some of us made Stone Age necklaces out of clay.


The Bronze Age

In the Bronze Age we learnt that people would have lived in roundhouses. They had lots of different buildings used for different things. The Bronze Age started the first copper mine. For food they ate animals, berries and leaves. Spears were made from sticks, leaves and stone. The main material was bronze which is an alloy - a mixture of copper and tin. A lot more metal objects were made such as swords. Their clothes were made of animal fur. For cups they used beakers to drink from. They used hand axes as an axe. They travelled by water in kayaks. This age is in between the Stone and Iron Age. They hunted using spears in the water and on land. We also learnt that they were omnivores. Some people learnt that the Bronze Age people worn dull clothes.

Some of us made Bronze Age beakers out of clay.


The Iron Age


Ash Class have learnt that in the Iron Age people used iron. In the Iron Age they made chariots. The Iron Age was the shortest age because the Romans invaded. In the Iron Age people made stronger tools than the Bronze Age and the Stone Age. People in the Iron Age built large roundhouses and people mined for iron. We found out that the first hill forts were made 800-700 BC. In the Iron Age people ate beaver, wild boar, fox, fish, honey, onions and deer.



We designed and made Iron Age shields.


Paul Ullson - The Stone Age

Stone Age Boy - Music Celebration

Barnaby Bear

Science - Do the amount of sports clubs we do affect the strength of our muscles?


Kahoot Quizzes!

Anti-bullying Week - Celebrating Differences


Weather Vanes

Extreme Weather Presentations

Weather Reporters

Extreme Weather Freeze Frames

The Wizard of Oz Hot Seating


My children feel so safe and happy here. They are keen to go to school every day

Parent - July 2018


The school teaches really important life skills through the resilience work- understanding failure is a learning opportunity, not a catastrophe

Parent - July 2018


Communication is excellent- I always know the door is open

Parent - July 2018


The staff show an exceptional level of commitment to the school

Parent - July 2018


You are passionate about children being at the heart of everything you do

Parent - July 2018


94% of our pupils said that 'Teaching is good all the time'

Pupil Survey - July 2018

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