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St Mary's Bentworth

Church of England Primary School

Love, Respect, Belong


Welcome to Elder Class!

Welcome to Elder Class - the Year 6's of St. Mary's Bentworth! Amongst our class you will find the Head Pupils, Church Council, Peer Mentors (including Anti-Bullying Ambassadors), Eco Warrior Leaders, School Council Leaders and Music Leader! These roles are special to Year 6, and help us show our 'belonging in action'.


Custard layers of the Earth


A lesson with 'Miss' - Our Victorian Lesson

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The Heart and Circulatory System

Windsor Castle

Ancient Greek Cooking


Easter Art

Mr Moore Visit - Earthquake Proof Buildings

Pie Charts

Monty Douglas Visit

Replies from Authors

Natural Disaster Drama

Geometric Tiles

Red Nose Day

Book Week

Borrowers Exhibition

Borrowers Discovered!

Fitness Circuits and Gymnastics