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St Mary's Bentworth

Church of England Primary School

Love, Respect, Belong


Welcome to Elder Class!

Welcome to Elder Class - the Year 6's of St. Mary's Bentworth! Amongst our class you will find the Head Pupils, Church Council, Peer Mentors (including Anti-Bullying Ambassadors), Eco Warrior Leaders, School Council Leaders, Digital Leader and Music Leader! These roles are special to Year 6, and help us show our 'belonging in action'.

Elder Acceptable Use Agreement

Crazy Hair Day


Great Big Green Week Wildflower Planters

Holes Drama

RE- Raksha Bandhan

Climate Change Protest!

2020-2021!     2020-2021!     2020-2021!     2020-2021!

Iris Leavers Project

Pie Chart Skittles!

Litter Picking on Prince Philip Memorial Day

Heart Dissection

Circulatory System!

Components of Blood!

The Labyrinth!

RE Drama

Rabbit Artwork


Bottle Moments - What we are looking forward to after lockdown!

Online Safety Jenga

Our online footprint!

Christmas art activities


Plastic Pollution Art