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St Mary's Bentworth

Church of England Primary School

Love, Respect, Belong


Welcome to Oak Class

(Reception and Year 1)

‘In the Moment’ approach to Early Years and Year 1 at St Mary’s Bentworth


At St Mary’s Bentworth, we put the child at the centre of everything we do and we understand that play-based learning is the key to successful, happy, confident and resilient learners of the future.


When children show high levels of involvement, that is when there is progress and development occurring – when the brain is at its most active.  High level involvement occurs most often when children are able to pursue their own interests in an enabling environment supported by skilled staff.

Taken from ‘Reception Year in Action’ by Anna Ephgrave


The adults goes to the child, the child is not called to come to the adult. This ensures the child is learning through their own choice of activity, with the adult taking the next steps in their learning to them. Children become deeply engaged in activities if they are playing and selecting activities for themselves.

Cress Sandwiches

Turtle Fundraiser - we raised £96!

Year 1 were writing poems based on 'The New Guy' by Isaac Graf.

It is about the whales noticing a submarine and wondering what it is. 

The New Thing (a fishing net)


What is this strange, new species?

Tangled up

Swaying side to side

Like a dangerous coral

A mysterious portal

What is this strange, new species?


Swimming Friend (a buoy)

Who is this floating friend?


Rolling and spinning

Shiny neon yellow

Swimming up and down like a mermaid

Who is this floating friend?


Plastic Floating in the Ocean

What is this sharp saw?

Dark green and wiggly

Bouncing up and down

Big teeth shining in the light

Seaweed growing over rocks

What is this sharp saw?

Crazy Hair Day!

Year 1 Computing

Showing Year R around St Mary's Church

Year R Shared Reading with Year 6 buddies

Year 1 Basketball

Pizza Making (inspired by The Cheeky Pandas!)

Year 1 walk around Bentworth Village for our Geography learning...

Year R's first day!


"I can't put into words what St. Mary's has done for my child in one term! Thank you!"


"We are well and truly blessed with an amazing school, teaching staff, support staff and head teacher."


"Thank you for leading such a wonderful, inclusive and thriving school."


"St. Mary's is a special place. Children just love it and are embraced for who they are, with all the potential they hold!"


"I have never come across a school so friendly."


"We never doubted our move to St. Mary's but we regularly get these moments of feeling absolutely certain that it's the best place for our children - thank you."

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