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St Mary's Bentworth

Church of England Primary School

Love, Respect, Belong


Welcome to Lime Class!

We are the Year 4's and 5's at St. Mary's Bentworth! 

Ready for all the fun this year!

Lime Acceptable Use Agreement

Science & DT - designing and making our own helicopter

Music - Night on a Bare Mountain

Science - using periscopes to show how light reflects

PE - Making our own version of famous mountains

Mountain Ranges using gymnastic shapes

Science - can we prove that light travels in a straight line?

Book Week

Making Trench Cake


World War One Resarch

Drama Workshop WWI

States of Matter - being solids, liquids and gases

Science - Sorting solids and liquids using their properties

Ancient Egypt - scarab beetles

Building a Pyramid in dance

Lime Class Impact on the Natural World Exhibition

Gymnastics - making shapes and travelling

Jack and the Beanstalk drama

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Panto workshop!

Becoming CSI detectives to solve a terrible crime against flowers!

Europe Puzzles!